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Socks to improve your public standing?

Certain occasions have a very strict dress code. For instance, you wouldn’t turn up at a wedding in a football shirt……would you..? However recent research in The Journal of Consumer Research has actually suggested otherwise. It went further and claimed that simply conforming to the norm made you drift into the background.

Authors Silvia Bellezza and Francesca Gino of Harvard University actually concluded that slightly non-conforming behavior within dress code can create a higher status and a sense of competency. They suggested that even something as simple as, say, a lawyer wearing brightly coloured socks would be enough to heighten most peoples opinions of the Individual.

Interesting Stuff!

We felt that we had to put these finding to the retail team at Win Or Lose: The guys who just ran a successful pop- up store in the Shard. They certainly concluded that the city chaps and indeed government ministers who called into the shop loved the bright colours, not necessarily for team or club associations but because they looked pretty smart.

The guys went on to name the Top 5 selling striped socks during June:

1. Rainbow

2. Claret and Blue

3. Red and Black

4. Red and White

5. Orange, Navy, and Blue

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3 thoughts on “Socks to improve your public standing?

  1. Vanessa Anders says:

    When are you getting Rainbow socks back in stock?.

    1. Jonny Mitchell says:

      Hi, they should hopefully be back in stock by early October. Thanks. The Win or Lose team

    2. Jonny Mitchell says:

      Hi, just to let you know the Rainbow socks are back in stock. Thanks. The Win or Lose Team

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