Huge Decline in Corporate Dressing Requirements

The collapse of the corporate dress code makes life more difficult for men

As Don Draper in Mad-Men showed, having a dress code at work wasn’t such a bad thing for men.

You didn’t have to think about what to wear. Just reach for the blue or grey suit, maybe add a tie and white shirt, and some old faithful leather shoes from Marks and Spencer. Job done!

But with corporate dress codes continuing to crash across London and The UK in general, the new, and mostly unspoken, standards come with their own challenges. The relaxing of dress rules isn’t an excuse to swap the suit for jeans, a battered pair of Doc Martens, your Chelsea away shirt and pretend you’re working for a tech start-up. You see that is the catch: PWC have actually made the statement ‘staff should dress in a way that makes them feel great, is respectful to clients and colleagues, and safe and appropriate for the environment they are in’

Men now have to be more creative about their clothing choices. As a result, the latest research shows that men are shopping more for clothes and actually enjoying the experience. It is an opportunity to stand out a little from the crowd, show their personality

Personal style

We talked to Menswear brand Win or Lose about how things were changing “Cool brands, in particular, have a lot to gain from this trend,” They said. “As many large corporations begin to relax their formal dress codes, the days of wearing the same navy suit to work every day are gone. This means that many men are suddenly faced with the need to develop a personal style beyond the two days of the weekend.

“It’s not just young men either: There are strong opportunities for fashion brands like Win or Lose to provide something personal: something a little bit different and something that they understand conveys there personality in either a subtle or overt way”

Men have needs!

Men typically shop because they have a need and not because they just want something.

As well as the obvious smart casual work requirement, they may have an event or party coming up that they want to look their best and need to rely on the clothing items fitting and providing longevity. Guys shop for value more than women.

Win or Lose are busy signing off final production runs, confirming colours and placing purchase orders with their global supply base for the Autumn 2016 collection which will launch towards the end of September. They claim we should be prepared to see a brand new collection of fine merino alongside some solid, well-fitting oxford weave shirting. They continued to say “Of course we will be keeping our cashmere favourites in knitwear and scarves…and staying true to our roots we are introducing some fabulous new colour combinations to both weekday and weekend socks. We are also very excited about a capsule collection of UK made 100% lambs-wool beanies”

They added ‘Watch this space and free to ask us for a discount code’

OK, so it seems Win or Lose are ready for Autumn already! What day is it today… September 9th ! We will be talking about Christmas before long!