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Doing our bit for NHS Charities – you buy, we donate

Captain Tom Moore Campaign

Although Covid-19 may have changed the world forever, with any change there comes positives as well as negatives.

The positives are that many of us now realise what the important things in life are i.e. our health, family, friends and those who care for us and those that inspire us.


The NHS and Captain Tom Moore represent the best of our nation, and for this reason Win or Lose would like to play our part in supporting the fundraising of Captain Tom.

Our ethos as a brand is about appealing to ‘tribes’. Primarily our focus has been around sport, but the military and workplace are both symbols where people with common goals and aims meet.

The Rainbow has come to symbolise our hope for better things, and blue and white is now synonymous with the NHS. For this reason, for every pair of socks in these 2 colours which we sell over the month of May we will donate £2 to the Captain Tom Moore campaign.

Thank you for your support.


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Blue and White Striped Socks

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Rainbow Striped Socks


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