Show Your True Colours

Whatever your passion, sport, or lifestyle and whether you win or lose, always show your true colours.

About Win or Lose

Win or Lose is a premium British clothing brand. Our vision is all about: "Whatever your passion, sport, or lifestyle and whether you win or lose, always show your true colours".

Win or Lose, is a premium sock and clothing brand that was created over a couple of pints, in a lovely Leicestershire pub in late 2014. The underlying ethos to our brand is about creating premium quality socks to appeal to those customers who want to ‘show their colours’ in a fun and meaningful way, any day of the week, complemented with everyday classic essentials. Colourful striped socks are a great way of showing affinity with your favourite sports team, school, workplace or just the colours that resonate with you. Our brand slogan is ‘Whatever your passion, sport or lifestyle and whether you Win or Lose, always show your true colours’. We’re passionate about great quality socks and clothing, contemporary design, and providing service that makes people want to stay loyal to the Win or Lose brand.

If we can make people happy and have a little bit of fun along the way, then we’ll be very satisfied with the brand we set out to create.

All our socks are made with the best cotton yarns, with polyamide and elastane added for strength and stretch. We work closely with 2 excellent factories in Portugal and Turkey for our socks and use other Portuguese suppliers for the other items in our collection. We understand that good quality and well-fitting clothes and accessories are what any loyal customer is looking for. Therefore, product quality and ensuring the best fit are integral to our values.


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