Show Your True Colours

Whatever your passion, sport, or lifestyle and whether you win or lose, always show your true colours.

About Win or Lose

Win or Lose is a premium British clothing brand. Our vision is all about: "Whatever your passion, sport, or lifestyle and whether you win or lose, always show your true colours".

The concept of people being ‘united by colour’ has existed for generations. Humans are subconsciously drawn together whether in a sporting context when supporting and following the same team but also with the concept of the ‘old school tie’ where being recognised by something you wear, rather than having to say the name of an organisation. This ideal has allowed ‘tribes’ of people to congregate and pull together when united by a common colour or chant, even when their team are winning or losing!

Therefore, in 2015, a couple of friends with a passion for sport and a wealth of experience in the global clothing and textile industry launched the ‘Win or Lose’ brand with the ideals of designing quality, stylish and well-fitting products, that would appeal to customers who would immediately identify with colour combinations that united them with the colour combinations of their sports team, school, college, workplace, or military associations. Everyone wears socks, and colourful striped socks have been a firm part of many people sock drawer for many years.

But the idea of adopting the Chameleon as our brand logo (the brainchild of one of our Directors) enables our designers to brand our polo shirts, sweaters, and beanies with the same ethos as our colourful stripey socks.

Our business proposition is underpinned by offering the best in customer service, high quality, long-lasting products, and sourcing from ethically maintained factories using sustainable raw materials.

We hope you enjoy wearing Win or Lose clothing and thank you for your interest in our brand.


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